I don't like same day bookings, my best service is not guaranteed, this is not fast food and I'm not a McDonalds...thank you ;-) 

Natasha Daughtry (01.07.2020)
How are you? Hope you are fine.
I have been checking your website quite often. It has seen that the main keywords are still not in top 10 rank. You know things of working; I mean the procedure of working has changed a lot.
So I would like to have opportunity to work for you and this time we will bring the keywords to the top 10 spot with guaranteed period.
There is no wondering that it is possible now cause, I have found out that there are few things need to be done for better performances (Some we Discuss ,in this email). Let me tell you some of them -
1. Title Tag Optimization
2. Meta Tag Optimization (Description, keyword and etc)
3. Heading Tags Optimization
4. Targeted keywords are not placed into tags
5. Alt / Image tags Optimization
6. Google Publisher is missing
7. Custom 404 Page is missing
8. The Products are not following Structured markup data
9. Website Speed Development (Both Mobile and Desktop )
10.Off –Page SEO work
We will also work on those area ..
1. 5XX status code Check
2. 4XX status code check
3. Title Tags
>> Title Tags Optimization,
>> Title Tags Length
>> Keyword Optimization
4. duplicate title tags
5. duplicate content issues
6. Internal broken links
7. Crawl Errors (Webmaster Tool)
8. DNS resolution issues (Hosting)
9. incorrect URL formats
10. Internal broken images
11. duplicate meta descriptions
12. Robots
13. XML Sitemap Format Error
14. XML Sitemap Optimization (incorrect pages - Redirection)
15. WWW resolve issue
16. viewport tag (Responsive)
17. HTML size optimization
18. Cannonical Tags
19. Https Redirection for all pages
20. broken canonical link
21. multiple canonical URLs
22. broken internal JavaScript and CSS files
23. External Broken Links
24. External Broken Images
25. H Tag Optimization
26. duplicate H1 and title tags
27. Too many on-page links
28. don\'t have alt attributes
29. Low word count
30. No follow Internal Links
31. Sitemap.xml not indicated in robots.txt
32. Images are formatted as page link
33. Pages should have more than 1 internal links
34. orphaned pages
35. Schema Mark up
Lots are pending……………..
You can see these are the things that need to be done properly to make the keywords others to get into the top 10 spot in Google Search
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Abdulla (08.03.2020)
Please reply to my email urgent
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